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Healthy Tasty Street Food Truck

Healthy Tasty Street Food Truck

Dear Supporters & Food Lovers

I want to introduce myself, my name is Lukasz Kyc, and I want to raise money for my organic Italian Street Food Truck with a stone baked oven. I lived and worked in the Uk as a chef in an organic, well-known restaurant for the past six years.

As cooking is my passion, especially cooking with my homegrown high quality fresh and organic ingredients, I want to make Italian Street Food that is of a high standard and not in the category of fast food.

I want to open the first organic Italian Street Food Truck with a stone baked pizza oven in my neighbourhood (Basingstoke Hampshire), that will provide fresh, healthy food for everyone with affordable prices.

Furthermore, I want to reduce my carbon footprint; therefore, I will be using an ecological, biodegradable equivalence to single-use plastic containers.

To ensure that the truck will run successfully, I devoted the past year on studying the economics of my business as well as preparing my business plan.

As the cost is more than I can comprehend by myself in the near future, I have started a fundraiser so that I can give back to my local community here in (Hampshire,Basingstoke) ... with fresh organic Italian food.

Here is the link to the Fundraiser:

I appreciate any given support.

Please do not hesitate to share with any real Italian food lovers and to contact me if you have questions.

You will have my lifetime gratitude.

Thank you.

Lukasz Kyc.

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