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In Loving Memory of Alice - Support Research on Medulloblastoma

Organised for: Centre de Recherche sur les Tumeurs de l'Enfant - Hospital Gustave Roussy



In October 2018, our life took a huge turn as our daughter Alice was diagnosed with a Medulloblastoma, a brain tumour, just before her 3rd birthday.


It's been the start of a long and intensive journey between London and Paris, where Alice never stopped fighting and always kept her smile despite spending most of her time in hospitals separated from her twin sister Judith for more than 7 months.


5 Surgeries, 5 chemotherapy, 2 high dose chemotherapy with stem cells rescue and hours and hours of rehabilitation to learn how to walk again as she completely lost control of her legs and left arm after the first surgery to remove the tumour.


And she succeeded, the treatment was working and at the beginning of the year she was in early remission. She even started to walk again, and to use her left hand like a normal little girl.


But these tumours are aggressive and we had to carry on with the treatment to avoid a relapse. One last chemo before she starts radiotherapy.

Unfortunately, her body couldn't accept it anymore, she was exhausted and it was just too much for her. 

She won the battle against cancer but lost the one against the violence of the treatment. 


Alice left this world on the 12th of May 2019.





As we are trying to give a sense to Alice fight, we have decided to support research on Medulloblastoma led by Gustave Roussy Hospital in France where Alice was treated.


Gustave Roussy is coordinating all the treatments at European level for this type of cancer and have some of the best results in the world.


The research projects are the following :


  • Multi-scale analysis in childhood medulloblastoma
  • Neurocognitive risks in children with solid tumor
  • Pharmacogenetic markers for prediction toxicity in childhood medulloblastoma therapy
  • Relapsed childhood medulloblastoma


All the donations will be transferred to the "Centre de Recherches sur les Tumeurs de l'Enfant" of Gustave Roussy and specifically allocated to these projects that are really important for us today and help us to keep Alice memory alive.



Thank you for your support, yesterday, today and tomorrow.


In loving memory of Alice.



Organised by

Alexandre Campargue
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