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Imperfect Activist

Imperfect Activist

Future generations will question why our generation did nothing about the suffocation of the planet when we could have made a difference, “Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.” - Jacques Cousteau

The Imperfect Activist fundraiser is aimed to finalize the realization of the educational documentary and the social media movement #imperfectactivist.

1. Why are we making this film: There is not a single solution to the problem of ocean pollution. With lingering questions on how big the problem really is and what can be done about it, we set out on a journey to look for answers.

2. What did we find: In the most remote part of the planet, we glimpse into the future of plastic pollution in the rest of the world. Microplastics have disintegrated to dust and infiltrated every building block of life, making it seem impossible to clean up.

3. What are we doing about it: Nobody is perfect as we learn from our past & present characters, but it is up to us and future generations to learn from our past to make better choices.

The documentary will follow Irina, the auto-proclaimed #imperfectactivist in her exploratory journey featuring the stunning waters, ancient landscapes and breath-taking natural history that surround the Galapagos Islands and Easter Island, the most remote seaborne location on earth.

Even though the overall narrative will be one of adventure, exploration and discovery driven by Irina’s own curiosity, at the core will lie a message of accountability and a drive to share some hard truths with the world about the fragile state of our ocean and the effort to press pause on further environmental destruction for the sake of future generations.

In the South Pacific Gyre, towards the end of the 20 day navigation to Easter Island, she discovers an unexpected and sobering truth... the level of pollution in these remote waters exposes the firm death grip plastic holds on the survival of our entire ocean.

With the problem no longer visible to the naked eye as a plastic island, garbage patch or plastic soup as widely anticipated, we are now facing a plastic problem that has evolved into a silent killer.

We are in desperate need to find new solutions.

Could an army of global Imperfect Activists offer an effective and sustainable answer?

What is an ‘imperfect activist’? So many people in the world are faced with the burden of silencing the internal voice that their contribution to the world is not enough based on their own personal, sometimes privileged, circumstances. Criticism lurks behind every corner. Are you too radical? Are you not radical enough? How green are you? Are you really living in a reality that makes you empathetic to the challenge ahead?

The reality is that many of us are restricted in some way by the structures set in place that bind us to society. It is by working above and beyond these structures to make change, regardless of criticism and privilege, that make activism a path that we can, and should, ALL follow.

The reckless consumption and neglectful disposal of plastic for over half a century has finally brought the health of our ocean to its knees. As the current generation of decisionmakers we owe it to future generations to own up to our own imperfections & pave the road of “being better” before passing on the baton to the leaders of tomorrow.

Throughout this film, past, present & future is represented as a unifying narrative that takes the viewer on a journey of discovery in the most remote part of our planet - between Galapagos and Easter Island. What we find puts new light on the insidious nature of the problem. It is far more sinister than what we expected.

Alongside the sobering reality of what it would take to reverse the doomsday clock, we open our eyes to all the realities of what we can no longer sugar-coat.

Our imperfect activists stand united in the realization that only by coming together across generations, gender and nationality as a single human race connected by one ocean - do we stand a chance of turning the tides.

The time is NOW to create a global army of imperfect activists.

For Irina, at the heart of everything lies an unwavering sense of hope that we as the human race can effect lasting change for the betterment of our oceans and planet. Leaving future generations with a real fighting chance to not only survive, but to thrive in a collective harmony with nature once again. It might be a long way to recovery, but the future survival of our entire species depends on us never giving up.

We, after all, are made up of water. We are not “other”. We are connected in the truest sense. Fact, not fiction, has proven that when we poison our environment, we literally poison ourselves. It will be an important thread in this film to remind our viewer of their own inescapable direct interconnectedness to nature and all it is affected by.

Why is this important to Irina?

Here is in her own words: " As a young girl, growing up in communist Romania, I woke up every Sunday morning with Jacques Yves Cousteau’s documentaries where I discovered in wonder and amazement the underwater “Silent World”. I saw it all in vivid, mesmerizing colours, although our home TV was black and white! Cousteau helped me escape a grim childhood, allowing me to dream my own unseen worlds! Growing up I fell in love more and more with the beauty of the ocean through diving and sailing! For this and more, I will be forever grateful and it’s time to pay it forward!"

And as Jacques Yves Cousteau said: “The sea, the great unifier is man’s only hope. Now as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: we are all in the same boat!” And in that boat, we can create a cleaner world!

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