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IBD warriors walkit!

Organised for: Crohn's and Colitis UK

It's that time of year again that we take to the streets of London to raise much needed awareness and funds in for support of Crohns and Colitis UK, a charity that works tirelessly to better the lives of those afflicted in hunt of a cure. 


This year Sophie and Karen, both IBD warriors will be taking part in the 5k through London with help of 7 year old Freya.


Both long term sufferers of Inflammatory bowel disease we have become accustomed to the symptoms of IBD which has become part of our every day lives. Symptoms include; diarrhoea, chronic pain, fatigue, weight problems, anaemia, blood loss, vomiting, ulcers and joint pain. As a result of this Sophie has also developed chronic reflux and arthritis. And lets not forget these are also autoimmune diseases and therefore catch everything going with little to fend germs off with.

There is currently no cure for IBD but our hope is through these yearly walks and awareness and fundraising, we can break the stigma and one day in the future there will be a cure, so no one else has to suffer in the same way.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, please share this post and if you can spare a few pennies to help the likes of us live our lives the best we can and not spend so much time in hospital.

The more funds that are raised, the more treatments become available and every day is one day closer to a cure.

Thank you 💜

Organised by

Sophie Anne Brannigan

Natalie Warrilow contributed £10

Ciara Richardson contributed £50

Adam Williams contributed £5

Patricia Harrity contributed £10

Austin Harrity contributed £200

Lisa-Marie Harrity contributed £30

Anna Romano contributed £10

Faye Blayney contributed £20

James Hayward contributed £10

Anonymous contributed

Hannah Harrison contributed

Katie Cherryman contributed £10

Angela Truscott contributed £10

David Finch contributed £10

Hannah Smith contributed £10

11 June 2019
Ciara Richardson
Well done for another successful year! Very proud xx
8 June 2019
Austin Harrity
I’ve heard a lot about you Sophie. All the best. X
26 May 2019
Katie Cherryman
Good luck guys!!