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How To Send Direct Message On Instagram 2021

How To Send Direct Message On Instagram 2021

To learn how to send a gift message on Instagram DM, all you have to do is enter the Instagram DM box and click on the person you want to message then also use Fake Insta DM.

Normally, when you send a message to someone on Instagram, the camera tool appears on the left side of the message box.

With Instagram's new update, all you have to do is type the message you want, click the magnifying glass on the left, and then click the gift or flaming tool that appears.

You'll get great messages when you learn how to send a gift message on Instagram DM 2021.

When You Don't Have Access To The Instagram Gift Box Message Feature In Your Direct Messages

If you can't see the magnifying glass tool on the left side of the message box while writing in the Instagram DM box, the update isn't yet available on your iPhone or Android device. You'll have to wait for new information.

You are now ready to send elegant messages to your loved ones after understanding the answer to the query of how to send gift messages on Instagram DM 2021. This update can also be used as a birthday greeting box on Instagram! It will be a hit with your loved ones. Now is the time to try it out!

How to Do An Instagram Gift Message

If you've figured out how to send elegant Instagram DM 2021 and Feature Missing Fix IOS Android messages, you'll probably want to learn how to generate more beautiful Instagram DM effects. Other effects will be available from the same location.

Instagram Gift Message Update / How To Send Gift Messages On InstagramInstagram appears to be getting additional changes.

Instagram, the funniest method to interact with friends and family, is always evolving. Each upgrade leads to the discovery of new worlds.

As new Instagram updates arrive, I'll try to explain how the new Instagram updates function on this blog. Please stay in touch with me!

Instagram is the most popular social media application all around the world and new features are coming to the social network every day.

One of them is an Instagram gift message. So how to send Instagram gift message, What is an Instagram gift message, and how to use it?

Let’s look at the gift message feature that comes with Instagram’s latest update and how to send a gift message on Instagram DM.

Gift message is an extremely enjoyable feature that you can give a pleasant surprise to the people you talk to on Instagram DM.

What is an Instagram gift message?

Gift message, a feature of Instagram that comes with the December 2020 update, is technically a feature where you send messages to people with a gift icon and when clicked, the message You Want opens.

Instagram gift message offers a concept when you want to surprise people you talk to with your message on Instagram.

In a gift message, you can send four different gift icons to people. You can send a message to someone you just met on Instagram DM, or someone you want to surprise in your messages. Let’s see how to send a gift message on Instagram DM.

How can I send an Instagram gift message?

On Instagram, the app needs to be up to date first to send a gift message. If you say you can’t send Instagram gift messages, your app is probably out of date.

To do this, you need to update Instagram by going to the App Store or Google Play. If your Instagram app is up to date, you’re ready for a gift message.

Follow the steps below if you say how to send a gift message on Instagram DM.

First, enter the profile of the person you want to send an Instagram gift message to and go to the private message sending field. In the send private message field, type and send a meet message, such as hello or Hello.

After that, a search icon will appear to the left of the messaging bar. When you press this icon, you will see a variety of stickers and icons. Instagram gift message is one of four different new icons to choose from in this area.

To create an Instagram gift message, select the icon in a pink gift wrap format. When you select a gift message, it appears in the Instagram post area. You can send this icon.

How does Instagram gift message Look?

After you send an Instagram gift message to the person in front of you, an icon appears in the incoming messages box in the format of a gift package from you.

A text does not appear in the person who goes to the Instagram gift message, and only the package appears. For the person you are sending the message to read this, they must touch the gift wrap.

The person who touches the Instagram gift message will see a dating phrase like “Hello” coming from you. You can send an Instagram gift message to surprise, delight, and make a pleasant surprise to the person you want.

Can’t post Instagram gift message

If the Instagram gift message does not appear on your phone, you can say that you can’t send an Instagram gift message.

The main reason for this problem is that the application is out of date. If you haven’t updated your Instagram app, the gift message and other new stickers won’t appear on you.

Because of this, to send a gift message on iPhone or Android smartphones, you need to update the app.

As you can see, the Instagram gift message is an extremely fun, colorful feature. By updating your Instagram app, you can also surprise your loved ones or people you just met.

We’ve answered the question of how to send a gift message on Instagram DM 2021 in this blog. If you still do not understand how to send a gift message on Instagram DM 2021, it will be useful for you to watch the video below.

How do I gift a message?

When you start typing on Instagram DM, there will appear a magnifying glass instead of the camera button. Click on it and choose one gift message.

How do I send someone a private message on Instagram?

On the Instagram Home page, look at the upper left you will see a direct message button, click it. Choose someone and start typing.

Can you send a DM to someone you don’t follow?

Yes, you can send it.

Can I send a gift card through Instagram?

You can take a picture and send it. If you want a prepared one, check ‘gifs’ so you will find gift cards.

How to get a gift message on Instagram?

If you got the last update of Instagram, you will get gift messages which are sent by your friends.

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How To Send Direct Message On Instagram 2021