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Hiking Kilimanjaro! Really?


Yes, really! I do it, I do it for good reasons and for a good cause. And I kindly ask you for your support! 


We live our lives in high speed, our diaries are fully packed and we are driven by smart phones, news, emails, tablets, social media, we are always busy, busy, busy, year by year. 


Everyone has his personal wish list, a bucket list. Whatever you name it or simply dreams you never find time to make it happen. Steppping out of a day to day job and getting done something big for yourself is easily said but really not easy to be done. However theese ideas keep us going and going, let us dream on or at least motivate others.


Some friends and I were talking of such big something since many years and it is time to make it real now. One of my biggest dreams will come through soon! There is never a perfect timing and for sure always important business meetings or reviews you cannot miss, or some very important business dinners you have to attend or ad hoc activities to be done. However, it all starts with a yes, meaning commitment and action, I do it now or never. So on January 24th 2020 my big adventure will start, I will switch gears and travel to Africa and climbing Kilimanjaro, one of the seven summits and the highest free standing mountain in the world. I do this for different reasons and motivation. I not only want to create my very own moments in succeeding as an individual, I feel also so priviledged and fortunate with my career, my family and my friends, life and wellbeing in general, so I want to give back to those in need by crowd funding while preparing and climbing Kilmanjaro. 


I fully fund my entire time and cost for travel, equipment and expedition by myself and I want to donate every single Euro to an amazing charity organization helping the poorest of the poor across the world. Thanks a lot for supporting me on my adventure and thanks a million for any donation you may make. Special thanks to my family, friends and all supporters for helping me to make this real and motivating me at the same time. Feel free to follow me on linkedin and twitter. See more about poorpoor via the link www.poorpoor.info and be part of PoorPoor and help us to raise. Thank you so much, Elke and friends. #HikeforPoorPoor


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