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Swing Base needs your help!

Organisiert für Swing Base - Clément Madeline

To get straight to the point: Swing Base will be losing its rental contract and therefore its beautiful studio at the end of Mai 2020. -even more increased rents combined with less students and now the very real risk of having to close the school for weeks completely due to Corona… we just can’t keep up!


Find all information about the situation here: www.swingbase.de/donate


🤝 How to support us? Through the darker days of the last weeks we set up a plan to continue Swing Base even after Mai 2020. It may be without a fixed place but it was always more an idea than a traditional dance school. With your help -big or small- we hope to reach the following goals::


- First: we really need to cover all immediate costs incurred through the Coronavirus Crisis: 2 months period of notice, low number of students, teachers‘ salaries, health insurances (estimated amount 10 000€)

- After that: Find a new location for one or two days a week and cover the costs of a new beginning after the Corona thingy (appx.: 1000€)

-There will be a cultural life after CoVid19 !- Allow us to invest in new potential events (parties, festivals, …) & workshops

- Continue existing cooperation and find new ones: Else Swing, Säälchen, Swing It Berlin, Institut Francais, DFJW, …

- Continue working with actual Swing Base Teachers: Clément, Valentina, Stephanie


Thank you for your help ♥ We really need it!

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