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Help the orphans Ugochi and Rose to pay their school fees

Help the orphans Ugochi and Rose to pay their school fees

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot

🚫Please be sensible and take one minute to read This 🚫!!️

Its about two young girls who lost their mother 8 years ago, then suffered again from the death of their father two years ago . They‘ve been battling since then to earn the least . Both were scholars before their father's demise and it’s becoming almost impossible for them to meet up with their school tuitions and other important financial responsibilities. Despite challenging situations ,they give all they can to survive by selling the little things they can, in order to have at least something to put on the table. They have come a long way and giving up isn’t an option.

United we can help these brave orphans to earn a better living and help them achieve their goal of being graduates.

The journey is very strenuous for them. Together we can make a difference

Thanks 🙏🏽 for your generous help 🙏🏽

!!!! PAYPAL payments are also accepted: alimasangare24(at/arobase)!!!!

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Ugochi and Rose