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Help Save South African Wildlife and Tourism

Help Save South African Wildlife and Tourism

Help Save South African Wildlife and Tourism.

For us working in the Tourism and wildlife industry in South Africa we have seen firsthand how devastating the virus and lockdown rules have been for Wildlife sanctuaries and Tourism as a whole in South Africa due to no Tourist visiting the Country.Our aim is to use the funds we collect to help Sanctuaries who greatly rely on tourists and also the community’s around our wildlife environment that is always also involved with the tourism sector.

Funds will be used to what the animals sanctuaries are in real need of might it be food , medication in regards with the community’s we would want to get them involved in the removal on Alien plant species in Sa and to be able to be busy and contribute for the Tourism sector once again.

Many people have lost their work and due to no visiting tourists , we want to help the sectors where we can with what we can to be able to keep them going until Tourists start visiting our beautiful Country again.

We will be sharing photos and information of the project once we start with the proses.

If you Love South Africa its tourism, cultures and Wildlife and want to make a difference please donate for our cause.

YOU can make a difference.

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