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Help refugees (Elena, Alla, Agatha)

Help refugees (Elena, Alla, Agatha)

Dear Elasticns!

My name is Zoia Aubry and I’m Ukrainian.

It’s been 4 months that I joined Elastic and most of you might know me personally as I come quite often in the office.

I don’t need to explain as you all know about ongoing war in Ukraine, but I’m here to ask your help.

My sister, Elena, my best friend Alla with her 3 y.o daughter have passed the border several days ago to escape this horror and became refugees here, in France.

I live in Saint Cloud ( Paris region) in 72 sq.m, 2 bedrooms apartment with my husband and my 2 babies and I am welcoming them all, although I don’t have enough space. ( totally we are 7 in our 2-bedroom apartment now)

As girls quit their houses very fast, they left everything behind, taking only necessary things with them. I will take all expenses on me to ensure their stay here and make is as much comfortable as possible.

They are in the state of shock, for 3 days they almost didn't speak and just cried.

"My luggage is all my life now"- they said when they came.

For the moment mairie of Saint Cloud doesn't provide us with any social apartment, and although all civil services say that they are open to give us some place, for the moment all maries we called didn't help much.

I am open for any help from you!

I’ve opened Leeche account to buy necessary products of hygiene, blankets, extra beds, with mattresses, food, shoes and cloth for Agatha (she is 3,5 y.o) and any your donations with be very much appreciated.

If any of you knows apartment/house that I can rent, or some of you have secondary residence, please slack me.

Thank you very much to all of you in advance and hope this nightmare will finish soon. God, save Ukraine. Slava Ukraini!

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