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Help Me College Fees

Organised for: martha mapiya

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot.

My name is martha mapiya. I have been accepted to study Business Management course in a business college.

Unfortunately, I am extremely facing and struggling with financial hardships for my college fees.I completed my secondary school some 8years ago.But life has not been easy for me to further up my studies due to that my old and poor  parents could not manage. Some few years later I got marriage to a man who was working as a stores keeper,  unfortunately he lost his job and he has not found one yet ,as a result , life has not been easy for us , currently we only survive by the piece work that he does that only manages us to eat and pay rentals only. 

I desire to  go to college very much so that at the end, I can have a job and have  a better life and look after my two children who also need better life .

Iam therefore, using this platform to reach to anyone to support and help me raise funds in order for me to go to college.

Attached is my acceptance college letter.

I have been given another Chance from the college to enrol in 2019.


May the Almighty God bless you for your generous hand.

Thank you.





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Thank you!

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martha mapiya