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Help India fight Covid

Help India fight Covid


You must have heard that Covid crisis is having a devastating effect in India currently.

Everyone is scrambling for help and lot of individuals and NGOs are helping in whichever way they can. I am currently raising funds and directing them to local NGO on need basis. Some of the areas I am targeting are as follows :

  1. Local hospitals which are overwhelmed and asking for medical supplies
  2. NGOs that are focusing on increasing medical supplies and oxygen concentrators capacity
  3. NGOs that are running community kitchens and providing food to Medical practioners and relatives of COVID patients in Hospitals.

I am doing this in personal capacity as everyone else. It would be great if you can also support me in this cause by donating any amount you can.

You may use one of the below links to transfer money to one of the money pools I have created.

In case you would like to know where exactly the money will be used, then happy to send you additional details later. If you have other questions, then please let me know.

Thank you very much for your attention and your support.

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