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Help Ioannis' mother have a back surgery.

Organised for: Apostolos Valsamis for Ioannis Mamalikidis

Hello to everyone! My friend and collegue Ioannis is dealing with a lot of problems lately. He left his country (Greece) in order to work as a data scientist, cause in Greece the Economic Crisis and the lack of jobs is making the living worst and worst.As any of these situations were not difficult enough, another problem came around. His mother is unable to move since to months now with a bad conditioned back. It is necessary to have a surgery but the doctors ask 7000 euros for the operation. It is very important for her to stand up again, all of her kids are immigrants and her husband is working every day 12 hours.I believe that some goals are impossible, although I still have faith in humans. With this platform I have participated many times in buying a gift for someone, this is a different cause though. I am sorry if I wasted your time with the long post. Ioannis is very proud and he is not aware of this pot so for the people that knows us please be very discreet. Any help could make a difference.Thank you again,Apostolos Valsamis 

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