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Helping my Friend for his Deposit ????

Helping my Friend for his Deposit ????

Helping our Friend with his Deposit for a Room.

First of all, thanks for reading through these lines. We are a group of friends caring for the wellbeing of our Dear friend ( we will call him JM to preserve his privacy ) as a gesture of goodwill we would like to surprise him with this gift.

JM has encountered serious difficulties in maintaining a decent living while balancing his professional and private life. He is a dedicated self-employed trying to survive through his Business that he is trying to grow, but he is struggling currently to cover his charges as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As a result, the room where he is currently is in a horrible state with "Mold" growth on his Wall causing him to have serious health issues. His landlord, unfortunately, doesn't care much about his state of living, also has lost some of his previous deposit due to his financial state.

So we decided that he needs to vacate as soon as possible and find a new place, for this reason, we are looking to raise some funds with a target of £600 so he can benefit from this as support and encouragement to move forward

We will appreciate any contribution !!!! 😊🙏🏽


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