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Help build  school to vulnerable children in northern uganda

Help build school to vulnerable children in northern uganda

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The “Hands of Grace” charity seeks to give back to a village that sheltered its founders when they were fleeing their homes in South Sudan on their way to the refugee camp in Kiryandongo Northern Uganda. “Since my first visit to Uganda and South Sudan 2013-2014 ,we have developed a very strong relationship with the community in Kitgum which has enabled the conception of the school building programme” Hellen.

Helen’s passion is compelled strongly by what she saw as a child in a conflict situation .Around 2005, Hellen and her family, headed by her lovely mother, migrated to Norway with the help of the UNHCR and settled in Norway where she went to high school. She now works for a charity that takes care of vulnerable children, creating in her the sentiment to help vulnerable children and young girls in her beloved host country.

Helen’s dream is to give children a development space, a care centre and a place of hope and happiness. The project is anticipated to grow into a primary school; a skills centre for technical education and an advocacy movement that sensitises communities and parents on rights of children and parenting skills.

and while in the camp in Uganda. The pain of a child in trouble and without care has since plagued her heart to become a child advocate and the hand that gives

Hands of Grace is a registered organization who wants to assist neglected children in Northern Uganda to get the basic needs of living. We believe every child deserves a chance to have food, medical, clothing, education and spiritual freedom.

“Hands of Grace” has been able to secure land, with the offer of the hosting community back in Herøy Norway and in kitgum And Helen's personal resources have been able to put up a three classroom block and 2 room offices as a start up in view of opening a learning centre by 2016.

Why kitgum northern Uganda?

Lamola village, located in Okidi Parish, was one of the key routes of the LRA insurgents during the 2 decades conflict. It was trampled and looted by the conflicting parties forcing people to flee to Kitgum town. Basic infrastructures were destroyed and schools vandalized and abandoned in favour of amalgamated schools in Kitgum town. Today, normalcy has returned but development has been gradual and impeded because of widespread poverty. Most socio-economic infrastructures are not yet in place as local government budgets continue to suffer deficits. This has left the pursuit of development in critical sectors such as education in the hands of Private individuals and well wishers who are themselves logistically constrained

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