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Help Build School Tents For The Children Still Living In Syria.

Organised for: Basmat Noor

Basmat noor - Tent of science and hope

An introduction

This project was created to help with the protection of the Syrian 
children in the camps of displacement because of the magnitude of the 
suffering in terms of time and the extent of the destruction 
suffered by all the regions in Syria, 
especially the areas of the north and the 
great burden due to population density, 
The most basic standards of 
normal life, especially with regard to children,
as a result of the tremendous pressure on organizations and 
bodies operating in these areas.

Project goals

1-Provide psychological and educational support to children 
of marginalized camps through the implementation of educational 
programs that combat ignorance and underdevelopment and 
develop physical and intellectual skills 

2-Establishing educational activities that we include: 
Literacy programs 
Intellectual development programs 
Sports activity 

3-To alleviate the humanitarian crisis faced by families and the 
deterioration of living conditions in camps for 
displaced persons, in particular the values related to the educational 
and educational needs of children 
to prevent the deterioration of the situation and deviation 
towards vice 

4- Provide special health guidance for the orphans in the camps of 
through educational guidance and educational use 
of the best standards of cleanliness available within these camps

Project Location: 
Idlib city and its countryside  
This is one of the most densely populated areas because of its 
adoption by the international community as an area under the 
international protection of the Syrians fleeing conflict and fighting 
areas and their choice to set up displacement camps. 
Camps of random displacement not followed by official bodies and local 

Project implementation mechanism 
The target groups of school-age drop-out children aged between 5 and 14 
years of age are working on both sexes to ease the burden on families 
who have been unable to meet the needs of children Therefore, 
the work of such a project has become an 
urgent necessity, especially at the moment after the reluctance of 
most organizations and humanitarian organizations for 
material reasons

Which led to the fall of children in the quagmire of 
ignorance and underdevelopment, 
which necessitated the establishment of educational 
tents for children who drop out of education

The cost of establishing a tent - Basmat Noor


Amount in USD 

tent with iron bases $ 500 The price of the educational tent

$ 200 A variety of stationery  

Number of children 120 
$ 500 School bags for 120 children 

$ 200 Children Games and Entertainment 

$ 200 Books, stories and teaching aids  

60 double seats $1200 60×20 double seat seats or floor mats

$ 600 Battery and a small solar system  

$ 200 Writing boards 

$ 200 Small voice amplifier for educational activities  

$ 300 Voluntary bonus that is provided for volunteers 

Total $ 4,100 

€90 Collected out of €3,630

0 Day left
3 Contributions

Organised by

Jazmyn Duckworth