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Help Ayman reach his Solar Education Dream

Organised for: Ayman DAOUD

During my school days, I developed a passion for renewable energy. I grew up with the dream of becoming an expert in clean energy and especially solar energy since Egypt had the sun throughout the year but not the technologies to harness it. After I was done with the university with a degree in Science, Chemistry, and Physics. I worked for six years in the field of thermal energy efficiency, learning about the ways to create sustainable energy and the theory and practice of environmental protection. At one point, I realized that the opportunity to test and research new solar technologies here in Egypt was limited, so I started exploring opportunities to study and research abroad, and France presented the best opportunities for education in the field I was interested in. There was a problem however, I didn’t know any French. So I started investing time and effort in learning the French language daily. I took the DELF, TEF exams and became fluent in French and applied for master’s programs in France.


And recently, I have been accepted into the program I liked the most, a master’s degree in Solar Energy in France at “ Savoie mont blanc university ” and I need your help with the cost associated with studying and living in France.


I earned a scholarship that covers most of the tuition fees and I will be covering from my own budget what I can from the expenses associated with the cost of getting to France and living there. These costs include:


Visa fees & the cost of travel (around €700)

Accommodation (on average 300-400 Euros per month)

Living expenses (on average 150-200 Euros per month)

The rest of the tuition fees  ~ around €800


The program usually lasts for two years, however, my qualifications met all the requirements of the first year so I got enrolled in the second year directly,  which means I only need support for the fees associated with one year. This means the costs will be more than €6000 conservatively or around $7000.


Studying in France will not only enable me to elevate my career, but my whole life and the lives of others that are connected to mine. It will enable me to add onto the knowledge of humanity in clean Energy and solar technology while I am doing research. It will also enable me to improve the life conditions of my family and provide better education for my newly-born baby daughter. So, you are not just improving the life of one person by doing this, there is a compounding effect attached to it that will benefit many people on the long run.


There are many efforts in the energy sector in Egypt to make a transition to cleaner sources of energy, and the cutting edge research and technology that I will learn in France will give me the opportunity to be a member of this massive transformation. This transformation will literally be a driving factor in shaping the urbanization and development level of the people of Egypt.I would like to assist in building the infrastructures of clean energy in my home country and be a part of this positive change one day, and your help and support will enable all these dreams to become a reality.


Thank you,


Organised by

ayman daoud