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Organised for: Australian Charity

To my backpackers friend, 

I've been watching the news for days now feeling absolutely helpless as I watch huge parts of Australia burning more and more every day. People are losing their homes, all their possessions and many still in danger. Millions of animals have died or are dying by suffocation, burned, trapped and all the while the precious landscape is horrendously burned to the ground and it's heart breaking.


Many of us have been there, for some weeks, months and for a lucky few several years. We spent some of our best times whilst living there, met the most amazing people, shared the best experiences, travel and adventures. We took the most beautiful and unreal pictures, discovered amazing places, gorgeous beaches, colorful seascapes, marvelled at the wild life and all the wonderful creatures that have occupied this beautiful place. 


If every one of us gives 3 or 4 quid (price of a pint of beer) I believe we could make a difference. Share it to all your backpackers friends, and ask them to do the same with their ones. Thousands of us are flying there every year to live the dream. Let's give it back, in memory of all the moments we cherished, all the new friends we made, the love we shared for this beautiful country.


I'm currently looking for an organisation to donate the money and support any rescue, relocation or restoration efforts. I'm open to any suggestions as well if you have any ideas or preferences you can lend. Share it with every backpacker you know and even with your family or friends. There is no minimum even the smallest donations could be useful!


I deeply appreciate and thank you for taking the time to read this and giving any support you can give. 

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