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Help Ali to go to Germany

Organisiert für Ali R.

Message from Ali:


“Hey friends!


There are some big changes about to happen in my life: I am currently in the process of applying for a visa to go live and study in Germany! I am super excited to take this big step because I think it is going to be a great opportunity for me to follow my dreams and become a journalist, and also to leave Egypt for a bit – as you know, things haven’t exactly been easy for me here.


If everything works out as planned, I will be leaving to Germany in summer. I already have a couple of friends there who will help me with finding and apartment and a place to live. I got accepted into the University of the Arts Berlin and will start a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Media.


I can’t believe that this is really happening! In order to make this dream of mine possible I will need your support. There are plenty of costs ahead of me and with the job market being how it is I won’t be able to earn nearly enough until I arrive in Germany. The visa process is going to be around 300€ (probably more as costs just keep popping up where I was least expecting them!). I am planning to get my secondary high school documents translated and legalized here in Egypt in order to save some money, but I’ll still spend around 150€. As I have a very limited time frame of where I can leave Egypt during the summer holiday, I’ll probably have to book my flight within a few days from taking it, which is why I am planning to spend around 500€. As I have never left Egypt or traveled anywhere for more than a few days I will need a good suitcase to transport all my stuff. There are also some legal fees coming up that I will need to cover – I’ll happily break them down for you if you want to know more about this point. I will need around 300€ for the first month after I arrive in Germany to pay for furniture, registration fees etc. until I’ll be able to support myself.


This is a breakdown of all the costs:


Visa:                                                          300€


Translation and Legalization:                  150€


Flight:                                                      500€


Suitcase:                                                  80€


Legal Fees:                                            350€


First month:                                            300€ 


Total:                                                     1.680€  


My good friend Moritz helped me set this up and will manage this gofundme as it’s not possible to use gofundme in Egypt. He will give me the money in cash when he visits Cairo in March. If you have any questions or would like some more information about any of the above points please let me know and I’ll gladly answer them. If you'd like to contribute via paypal or any other way, please also get in contact!


Thank you so much for your help in advance. You are really doing me a big favor – this is going to change my life. 



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