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Organised for: Foundation for Local and Regional Development

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HaS Platform, any student can apply fast for a scholarship


Help a Student Platform - helps students apply for multiple scholarships saving time and all under the same roof.


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In a world that's constantly changing and evolving to one direction or the other, talents are needed and a requirement in our society. We may find talents in developing countries that nobody heard of or they don't want to hear of. There are children and grown-ups that never had their chance to get their voice listened to, never got the proper education, they either had no means or they settled down for less due to a lack of support, etc.


Help a Student is actively involved for years in helping international students getting a scholarship in developed countries such as the U.K. and providing them the proper information on VISA and Scholarships. Now, we are currently developing a platform that will help these talents find their path in life. The platform will help them apply for scholarships anywhere in the U.K. and eliminate 90% of the confusion and hustle a student has to go through when searching for a scholarship. This platform will give them the chance they never had.

Should a student be able to find a scholarship and pursue his dreams of becoming more, then our goal is achieved. In the event a student gets no scholarship, we do have partnerships with other organizations that are able to help them get a VISA that will position them further than they were. 

Help a Student has one mission: Helping International Students getting  Full Scholarships and providing them with the tools to evolve by assuring their first steps on this new path form o solid foundation for their future because there is nothing more important in life than a very good Education to inspire, to create, to evolve oneself and the community surrounding the Educated. 


Help a Student Platform is meant to assist international students in their journey with:- saving a huge amount of time (possibly months) with applying for scholarships and creating a compelling personal statement; - selecting their country of origin and study subject interest, thus triggering what scholarships are available for them;- applying for multiple scholarships in one go by selecting the scholarships they want;- upload all required documents in one place and complete the application forms under the same roof;

Without proper Education, chaos will instate, therefore, helping others get a good education in life is helping ourselves and our children. Creating a better future for us as a global community involves doing something for the generations to come and one of the best thing to do is helping talented students getting a scholarship, it takes time and commitment to create this platform that will benefit thousands upon thousands of students and uncover new talents we so much need in our society.


Risks and Challenges


The initiative comes from a deep understanding of how universities' system work and what the students struggle with when they need a change in their lives when they pursue new beginnings and their hopes that getting to study abroad will help them see new horizons and thus attain a new perspective and inspiration. This platform will benefit hundreds of thousands of people that wish to continue their studies to gain new skills and bring a contribution to our society.  


Sustainable fulfillment and distribution


Have a team that will assure all information is updated, data gathering is accurate and increases day by day to expand the choices for the people that seek more options.


Sustainable materials


We work only with official data, universities and the government in order to provide updated information and help you in the process of getting a scholarship or getting the means you need in order to further your studies.


Long-lasting design


There are perhaps at least 2 ways of getting an education. One is self-taught by using materials and alternative ways of study and training online or offline, and the other is traditional when you go to a school, university, etc. to gain some skills. However, I believe the traditional system will always exist, at least for another few generations, therefore, this model will have a long life as long as scholarships, student loans, and volunteering will exist.


Reusability and recyclability


The whole business model is web-based, therefore, there is no danger to the eco-system. 


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