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Cancer treatment fund for Heidi Sánchez

Organised for: Heidi Sánchez Llabre

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Heidi is fighting ovarian cancer and needs your help!


Dear friends of Heidi Sánchez Llabre everywhere! 


For the last two years, Heidi has been fighting ovarian cancer. She's been through operations, chemotherapy, side-effects, but through it all, Heidi has stayed her intensely warm and loving self. As many of you may know, ovarian cancer is very difficult to defeat. Heidi is pursuing conventional medical treatments, but standard treatments no longer work effectively. The cancer has grown fast recently and the doctors now give her less than a year to live, if she doesn´t find the right treatment for her. To fight the cancer and to improve Heidi's quality of life and reduce pain and suffering, Heidi is currently supplementing her medical treatment with other treatments that are not covered by the Danish public medical insurance.


Additionally, Heidi wishes to have her immediate family from Cuba by her side here in Denmark in these difficult months, which will be an additional cost.


The treatments that Heidi wants to undergo include: vitamin C injections, acupuncture, and receiving treatment at a private clinic in Germany. However, it is quite costly. All in all, Heidi is in great need of generous donations from all of us - her many friends throughout the world. We estimate that the cost of treatment and getting her family to Denmark and their probable long stay here is at least 77.000 euros.


That's a lot of money, but if we all pool our resources, we can reach this goal and support our beloved Heidi and her dear ones in these times of hardship!


  • Please donate what you can
  • Please share this fundraiser with everyone who knows Heidi
  • You can also organize local fundraising parties, and donate the money as a group

May Heidi live a long and healthy life and continue to benefit everyone around her for many, many years to come.



Justin & Lise (two of the many people, who have been touched by Heidi)


PS. If you want updates on Heidi and her fight against cancer, please join the facebook-group:


                               Please: SHARE on social media and ask others to SHARE!!!!!!!


Organised by

Justin Markussen-Brown
16 July 2019
Christina Olesen
God bedring ❤️ Kh Christina og Jeppe
15 July 2019
Nathalie Bravo
Querida Heidi, espero que tengas una pronta recuperación. Muchos cariños.
13 July 2019
Fernando Rodriguez Merino
thanks for organizing wish the best for Heidi
2 July 2019
Desiree Reder
All the best wishes for you sweet Heidi.
17 June 2019
Tereza Blazejovska
Best wishes for Heidita!!
17 June 2019
Stan Howaniak
Teyata OM binkandze bikandze maha bikandze radza sa mungate soha!
4 June 2019
Perla Marina Alcober
I do not know Leetchi but I do know someone who loved her intensely. That deep feeling deserves that we all help Leetchi. I want him to recover and send him a big hug.
28 May 2019
Casper Nielsen
Best wishes to Heidi
26 May 2019
Mayte Hernández y Carmen Martín
Nuestros mejores deseos!!!! :*
17 May 2019
Smetana Adam
Many hugs to Heidi!