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Welcome to the HAN 4L solidarity pot ! 

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Nowadays, nearly 10% of the population in the world lives under extreme poverty. If this doesn’t sound like an extremely concerning issue, consider that nearly 600 million people right now don’t have a roof to sleep under, live under $1.25 a day and lack basic health services.

For us, this is the main motivation to take action, to help reduce these number. We decided to make this our mission and begin by helping the people from a country where extreme poverty exists among the lives of 35,000 people: Morocco.


How do we do this? Participating at the 4L Trophy 2020. A humanitarian rally consisting in traveling 8000km from the Netherlands (Biarritz is the departure city however we start from our University in the Netherlands) to the Moroccan desert in our Renault 4 GTL.  


Why? To bring food, school, medical, computer and sports supplies to the Moroccan province of Erradichia.  


When? From the 20th of February to the 1st of March. 


Who? We are a project university team of 10 members, all working on different assignements for the preparation of our Renault 4L. 


As the HAN 4L team, we require a big budget to achieve this goal. Repairing the car, getting the supplies for the Moroccan communities, covering the fuel costs represent our biggest expenses, and to cover them we need your help. Help our humanitarian cause with your donation or support, it doesn’t matter how much, as long as together we contribute towards improving the life of those who need it the most. This is about solidarity, social responsibility, but most importantly about changing lives.  


To know more about our crazy project, please visit our webiste: 

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Instagram: @HAN.4L

Facebook: @H4N4L


Thank you


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