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Grammar Tuition - Yorkshire

Grammar Tuition - Yorkshire

11 Plus Grammar Tuition in Yorkshire!

Hi All,

Thank you for reading this, we are a set of teachers inspired by the likes of Gaggle Academy as well as who have started producing and providing online content for free, when it comes to the 11 Plus entrance exams.

Looking around us we realised that there wasnt any support for our local students in our community centres etc.

So we thought hey, why dont we just pool together and try to raise some money to cover costs which will go towards:

  • Rent
  • Food
  • Gas / Electric / Water

This service, by the teachers, is going to provided completely free of charge. We as teachers will not be taking any money at all from any students or parents. Instead we just ask that all the services are covered through the local community.

This is our way of trying to give back using the skills that we have learnt. We are creating a purpose made curriuclum to give our children the chance of getting in. This alone is taking a lot of time and dedication of our teachers, who have years of experience, who are doing this free of charge.

We just need your support in the general costs and we will do the rest!

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