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Help me get home

Help me get home

Good day everyone let me explain you my story and the emergency behind it

Last year in November at the end of my season in Monaco, I decided to go and travel for a little while went to India and Vietnam for around three month.

After my travel I decided to go and work in Trinidad and Tobago for a restaurant as a restaurant manager, due to the pandemic we had to close from the 17th of March and only reopened in mid June so already three month have passed and I have used all the money that I saved

At the reopening we were glad enough to have the chance to work a little to be able to pay for our food and daily expenses, unfortunately on the 17th of August the gouvernement of Trinidad and Tobago send us for an other lockdown for 28 days. He doesn't look like we are going to be able to reopen soon.

I am calling anyone that could help me to go home even 1€ could help at this time, the only way for me to go home would be with a flight that goes to Amsterdam, it goes every two weeks but the ticket is 1350£ on average, my family is not able to help me neither are my close relative

This leetchi is my last solution

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