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Finanzierung eines simplen open source pedalelektrischen wagens, der mit günstigen teilen zuhause gebaut werden kann

Organisiert für Lars LLOH Loh

Dear Friends and Family;


You know, that I am always working on transportation concepts. 


This time the challange is, to build a modular vehicle that can be build for less than 1000€  by anybody with somple tools. 


Why dies it have to have a body? ...


It should protect against Sun, Wind, Rain, Cold and minor exidents. Still it should be able to transport an adult and a child, pull a trailor, carry a trunk, or plain look cool ;)


It should be easily modifyable to individual needs and local material availability-- as well as laws (e-motor, pedelec, ....)


Last but not least! it should be environementaly valuable -- meaning, it should neither in production nor in nore when beeing disposed of ore during use polute or waste energy 


More can be found here:




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Herzlichen Dank



Thank you verry much



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