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GATE's Environmental Rejuvenation

GATE's Environmental Rejuvenation

Project title :

Kingdom of Nature "it's NOW or NEVER"

My name is Stevie Shancker and my life is only to do my best to ensure the best living environment for all living beings before I'm gone forever.

I have invested nearly 12 years to come out with this massive project for the world. Please watch the GATE introduction video to know more.

The reason for this money pot is to collect somewhere around Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 300 to 500 thousand to launch my very first project to Kickstart this massive project on a small scale (nation wide) and to establish my vision and to attract attention from other part of the world.

Your contribution for this project is no small favour, your every penny is priceless to me and my vision. Your contribution has a massive potential to be the catalyst to spark a phenomenal beginning of something significant.

I strongly believe that if you a person who has tremendous love for the mother nature, you can certainly feel the importance and value of such a project which has been crafted with extreme dedication, intensity and compassion.

There are so many things to be accomplished in order to achieve a better living environment but the most important thing is your concern and involvement in making sure we as a team spread the message that, human life is 100% depends on the nature and not otherwise.

Please take a moment to watch the introduction video to understand further about this project that you're going to support and please share this vision of assuring future.

Thank you.

With love & respect,

Stevie Shancker.

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