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Organised for: NO DIET CLUB

Dear members of the No Diet Club

(future and old ones 💐)


We've been getting dozens of cancellations related to the virus these last few weeks and tried to keep it cool, but after Trump's travel ban we received +100 extra cancellations the same day. We think Trump's decision is out of proportion and not fair for a lot of people, but we totally understand our guests concern and fear for their jobs and families. We feel for you all and sincerely hope that this stressful situation won't last. crying


For our part, yellow vests, retirement strikes and now THIS, goddamn, we've been through a lot of shit last/this year and it's honestly getting harder and harder for us to keep going. 

When we started this little company 2 years ago, it was only my crazy ass (Claudia) and my partner in food, life, everything (Antho El burrito) doing food tours in London city, living in a dark tiny place with 8 strangers because we couldn't afford any better. We met the most beautiful human beings on the tours we hosted and made soooo many friends from all over the world, US, Australia, Europe, Africa, even Arctic (only one dude though) we just couldn't stop there. We've been working like beasts 7/7, no weekends or holidays for 2 and a half years, nothing but work. Since 2020 we can proudly say that we are a team of 25 passionate young tour guides in 5 cities and for that we can't thank you enough. *feels*


Today we have no other option than refunding everyone who has to cancel because of that f*cked up virus and a president who thinks he can blackmail his own citizens / tell them how to live their lives.


Entire tours have been canceled for months to come and we have no guarantee to get back what has been lost. We might lose everything this time, our savings and our guides.


We opened that money pot as a small compensation for those who are willing to help us. See it as an "early tip" if you are planning on booking with us again. :)


You have absolutely no obligation to contribute, but if you do (OMG) even the tiniest amount will help us get through this shitty time for our small company. (and we promise we won't buy any burgers with it)


We love you and hope to feed you anytime soon so we can thank you "IRL" and give you a hug when that virus is gone.


Until then please take care. ❤️


Team No Diet Club

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Benvinda Claudia Martins Concha de Almeida
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