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Fresh Nepal

Fresh Nepal

Fresh Nepal is a non-governmental non-profit organization founded in 2006 and registered in District administration Office (DOA) of Lalitpur. Fresh Nepal has been working on improving the living standard of the poor, discriminated, orphans, helpless, abandoned, suffering children and single women in Nepal. Fresh Nepal envisions an equitable and prosperous Nepal free from all forms of discrimination, exploitation and poverty where child rights, social justice and dignity of all children are respected.

Recently Fresh Nepal's main project is a "Children home", which provides food and residence for 16 disadvantaged children. The main objective of Children home is to assist these children in their daily needs so that they can become responsible and independent citizens in the future. Fresh Nepal is a family unit rather than a charitable organization, in which everyone feels loved and cared. We provide children with food, clothes, education and residence as well as a sense of security and well-being. As an abbreviation of FRESH Nepal; we provides "F" for Food, "R" for Residence, "E" for Education, "S" for Security and "H" for Health.

Fresh Nepal has been dedicating to welfare and protection of orphanage and helpless children through its children home. It is always committed to provide everything to the children. If your Consideration and supporting to Fresh Nepal with financial gift, whether one time or ongoing, all contributions are gratefully received and it goes directly to the children. Your kind cooperation and support, it brings the new life of children in Nepal. Because of the following reasons, your support is highly needed;

  • To protect the life of needy children.
  • To promote the child right of poor children.
  • To contribute in the nation building.
  • To provide the good education, shelter, cloths, food and health care of needy children.
  • To promotion of social justice, peace and welfare of poor children.

It is most important to support for Fresh Nepal charity, it will directly connect to emotion and heart of poor and orphanage that are helpless and innocent.

  • If you invest your time, talent and resources for orphans and needy around this world can have much happier and healthier lives.
  • Imagine a future for these children, living with their own resources, so that they can grow up to be responsible and independent citizens.
  • If our hopes of building a better and safer world are to become more than dreaming, we will need the engagement of volunteers more than ever.
  • Fresh Nepal was started merely with one room and one child but with a vigorous determination of serving as many children as possible.

Thank you!

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Fresh Nepal