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Forest party fund

Organised for: Secret party project

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Organised by

Secret party Project

Mark Kane contributed £20

Callum Simpson contributed £9.50

Sarah Fraser contributed £5

Jordan Forbes contributed £20

Chris Tracy contributed

Graham Elder contributed £10

Sarunas Gestautas contributed £15

Finlay Spence contributed £20

Conor Gray contributed £50

Conor Gray contributed £20

Andrew O'Hare contributed £15

Allan DICKSON contributed £10

Claire Glidden contributed £10

Steen Wallace contributed £5

Becca Gray contributed £7.50

Rhiannon Clucas contributed £3

Jack Williamson contributed £5

Graham Andrew contributed £10

Grant Burnett contributed £10

Steven Sangerman contributed £10

Angel Beats contributed £10

14 August 2019
Conor Gray
Hope this goes though man. If you need help setting anything up give me a shout and I’ll be willing to help.
14 August 2019
Andrew O'Hare
contribution in :-)
13 August 2019
Fingers and eyes crossed Tommy..... Its always a hoot... Always reminds me of Gary up the top of a tree... Haha.. Brilliant atmosphere.. Like finding Narnia in Kirkhill.. 👍🎶💖🎶👌
10 August 2019
Claire Glidden
Done 😊