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For the treatment of Veronica

Organised for: Veronika

Hello everyone!

Our daughter Veronika has a difficult post-vaccination complication (BCG osteitis). Tuberculosis vaccine from the vaccine destroyed the bone tissue of the leg and damaged 2 vertebrae.When she was 5 years old, she was operated after an anti-tuberculosis therapy in one of the orthopedic clinics in Germany.


Unfortunately, the zone of growth was affected and now, when the girl physically develops especially quickly, one leg became much longer. This greatly worsens the formation of the whole organism.The operated leg should be lengthened. And for this, again to do the operation. And again in Germany.


The operation will cost 26,000 euros, which must be paid into the account in advance. But this is by preliminary calculation - the final cost can be more. In addition, the self-stretching will take 3-4 months, and this time the doctors strongly advise us to be near the clinic. Therefore, for this period we will move the whole family to Germany.


Unfortunately, we did not have any money - everything that we had, we spent on therapy and the first operation. In total, this amounted to about 70 000 Euros. Now Veronica can only count on your help.


Before the operation, two and a half months remained. If you can, help her with the feasible amount.


And we will pray for our daughter.


And for you.


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Андрей Хоменко