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For my studies

Organised for: V. Emy

I have the dream to become a conference interpreter...


I'm a Tolosan (France) high school girl that will graduate this year. Since a few year, I dream to integrate a school in Paris that can afford me to study the career of conference interpreter, my dream work.

But unfortunately, nor I (I'm only a student) or my family can pay me the school I want to go to. It cost 15000 euros/years, during 6 years. I have two other sisters in graduate studies, so if I can't help my family to pay, I'll never fulfill my dream I worked hard to create.

This lack of money is the only brake over that dream.

I don't live in France, I'm living in the World, and I want to work for this World. So, this is to the World I'm asking for help.


I have a dream. What about you ?

Organised by

Valero Emy