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In Memoriam: Fons van de Vijver

Organised for: Fons van de Vijver

Dear All,  


We would like to thank you for your kind words and special messages over the last week. Please use the following platform to make your contributions for joint flowers, a memorial tree for Lona's garden, and a card. Any contribution (with a minimum of 2 Euros) would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance

Organised by

Byron Adams
21 June 2019
Itzi Alonso-Arbiol
Thanks for arranging this, Byron! My condolences.
18 June 2019
Gro Sandal, David Sam, Jonas Kunst, Nora Wium, Hege Bye, Valeria Markova and Hajdra Tahir
Our deepest condolence to Lona. From Fons' colleagues and friends in Norway: Gro Sandal, David Sam, Jonas Kunst, Nora Wium, Hege Bye, Valeria Markova and Hajdra Tahir
18 June 2019
Ronald Fischer
Thanks a lot Byron for organizing this!
17 June 2019
Youssef Azghari
Thank you so much Byron!
15 June 2019
Arzu Karakulak
Thank you Byron for organising this
13 June 2019
Byron Adams
Inclusing Saskia's contribution
12 June 2019
Holger Busch
Dear Byron, thank you very much for organizing this. Holger
11 June 2019
OECD yuri belfali on behalf of the OECD group
Dear Lona and family, We would like to extend our deepest condolences. From Fons's OECD friends (Karine Tremblay, William Thorn, Arno Engel, Emily Groves, Javier SUAREZ-ALVAREZ Javier Suarez-Alvarez, , Milos Kankaras, Zsuzsa Bakk, Theo Reybard, Noemie Le Donne, Eric Charbonnier, Pablo Fraser, Miyako Ikeda)
11 June 2019
Maja Schachner
Thanks a lot for organizing, Byron! I also think this is a great idea. I remember when we were meeting in Tilburg that Fons frequently spotted some rare bird or something like that outside the window. He clearly loved gardening and nature.
11 June 2019
Seger Breugelmans
Thanks for organizing this Byron.