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Fleur-Eve's Fat Bike Expedition in Greenland - Fundraising for UNWomen

Organisé pour : UNWomen Communities and Fleur-Eve


Cycling 220 km through Greenland in March 2020 to raise fund for UN Women because climate change is affecting Women and Children.




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Dear Friends and Family,


Thanks for taking the time to visit my leetchi donation page.


I have been wanting to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone and I finally am able to do that with my first ever expedition with Her Planet Earth and Secret Compass to support UN Women.


I will cycle 220 km on a Fat Bike, along with 9 other like-minded women, through Greenland's dramatic but beautiful landscapes -  from the Russell' Mount to the western coast. 


Cycling through these untouched and preserved landscapes will sensitize us on how fragile Mother Earth actually is. 

During these days, I will be pushing myself physically and mentally, camping in tents each night, breathing heavily (!) by -10°C and -30°C ‼️, going without a shower for days, feeling every ache in every muscle and escaping the every day connection to the world around me.


My goal is to increase awareness about environmental issues and to raise money to support the underprivileged  women across Asia (Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam) who are affected by climate changes.


With your generous support, UN Women can build on what they have already achieved in Bangladesh, Nepal and Vietnam to increase the scale and effectiveness of their work, having a significant impact on women and girls in areas at risk of natural disasters.


70% of the funds raised on this page will go towards UN Women UK and 30% will help me fund my expedition kit.


The risks associated with natural disasters, food price hikes and pandemics are increasing faster than ever before.


In the past decade, disasters have continued to exact a heavy toll across the world with over 700 thousand lives lost, 1.7 billion people affected and economic losses of USD 1.4 trillion. 


The increasing effects of climate change further exacerbate disaster risks and disproportionately affects women and girls. 


Here are few examples of how donations can help:

  • EUR 45 - Could provide a series of leadership and self-esteem workshops for women and girls to give them the skills and confidence to respond to these climate risk challenges.
  • EUR 90 - Could help us set up a livelihood project that empowers women business leaders in agriculture to manage their business in at-risk areas.
  • EUR 450  - Could allow us to work with governments to develop Post-Disaster Needs Assessments (PDNAs) to inform disaster recovery strategies and national disaster management planning.

💝 Thank you 💝 for your interest in my crazy journey and your generous donations.


Warmest Regards,


Fleur-Eve Le Foll



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