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Organised for: Emily Barnett-Salter

Hello Fabulous People!  

Welcome to this Money Pot!


Say Thank You to Emily Barnett-Salter for her time and energy over the years with the Facebook Group "FIVESIXSEVENEIGHT".


We have all booked a gig, found friends and cast jobs through this group, without paying any membership fee to access it, or without having to pay any comission to Emily when a job is booked.  All the while, she is over seeing every post, constantly posting, deleting, commenting and questioning, all whilst trying to run her own life and her own career, whilst worrying about ours. 




This is to say Thank You!

Organised by

Regan Shepherd

jessica warne contributed

Suzy Halstead contributed

Tasha Comiskey contributed

Nicole Ashford contributed

Callum Macdonald contributed

Lucy Flashman contributed

Raquel Alder contributed

Daniella Hyner-Anderson contributed

Charlotte Chapman contributed

Tayla Joel contributed

Lukus Alexander contributed

Katrina Flavell contributed

Hilary Dunne contributed

Anonymous contributed

Natalie Wright contributed

Kianna Stephens contributed

Jenny Lake contributed

Charley Da Silva contributed

Madison Gidlow contributed

Freya Hawkins contributed

Sarah Miller contributed

Anita Mannings contributed

Julie Jade contributed

becky power contributed

20 August 2019
Suzy Halstead
Thank you so much Emily!! xx
18 August 2019
Raquel Alder
Thanks for all your hard work 💖
17 August 2019
Lukus Alexander
Thank you Emily ❤
16 August 2019
Freya Hawkins
Thank you! 😘
16 August 2019
Sarah Miller
Lovely idea Regan! Thanks Emily for all your years of selfless hard work we appreciate it xxx ❤️
15 August 2019
Matt Martin
Thanks for sorting this!
3 August 2019
Tracey Benson
Great idea! Well done Emily and thanks Regan for sharing the love back to her! X love you
3 August 2019
Sean Moon
Thank for all you do Em x
31 July 2019
Abbie Murphy
Well done Emily, you work your arse off, and deserve to invest this back into yourself xx
30 July 2019
Lauren Broadhead
Didn’t know about your page before Emily but enjoy your posts and fondly remember working with you. Good luck xx