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Urgent help for five new orphans

Urgent help for five new orphans

Your urgent help is needed!

Within 1 month both parents (Chantal, 37, and Alfred, 44) of the five children

Gael (12), Abigael (10), Abeline (9), and twin girls Anaella & Keilla died from cancer. (Watch the full story with pictures on

That's why we created a "donation m oney pot" for trying to level at least the financial path of the five orphans.

Information: The orphans will be adopted from their uncle (he lives with his wife and 4 kids in Michigan and he will take two of the orphans) and their aunt (she lives with her husband in France and she will adopt three of the orphans).

So all the children will get new homes with family members.

But the critical financial situation is still there! Please let's help together = If you have only 1 or 10 Euro/$/CHF left, please donate it here!Or you can send your donation via

Paypal to - byterin at gmx dot at -(that is my email adress) or via

TWINT to this number: 0041774595800

The money pot will be received by Moses Muhorane-> he is the uncle of the childrend and Alfreds brother. As not many family memers are left, he is in charge for adoption process of the orphans and paying costs for medical treatment of Alfred and Chantal.

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Moses Muhorane (uncle of the orphans)