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Fishing and Studying

Fishing and Studying

Hey there! I would like to reach out to 1200 people who might want to support me in going to Alaska and Montreal this summer!

Alaska to fish: I always wanted to experience fishing in the sea, exploring the wildlife of Alaska and submerge myself in nature. I want to keep discovering the beauty of creation through fishing, hiking and meeting wild places!

Montréal to study: I will be doing my 3rd year of university in economics, specifically environmental and social economics. I love cooking, so if you ever come by Montréal you can stay at my future place and home restaurant!

The challenge for me is to contact 1200 people and ask them if they would like to help support with 1€ for the travels and the food because traveling is smiling and food is love <3

My Internal goal is: "Inspire future people to connect to nature and themselves in a future project in Andorra."

External goal: 1200 smiles from 1200 people

Thank you in advance, and thanks for reading and stopping by, it also supports!


Francesc Babi, one of the few guys from the highlands of Andorra...

€182 Collected out of €1,200

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Babi Choopojcharoen Francesc Kook-Sun


Francesc Babi