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findQuick: Blog for another planet and other digital formats

findQuick: Blog for another planet and other digital formats

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We would like to continue our journey and have been succesfully telling the story of local and female entrepreneurs in our region: BERLIN. To be able to continue with our digital formats and our digital format we will need your support.

The goal is to continue our 18 podcasts series "blog for another planet" with stories of sustainable and socially relevant entrepreneurs like a coffeeplace in Kreuzberg, an upcycling of clothes, a Coworking space in creative interior, a female filmmaker festival, and more.

Find out more about me=

I am one of the founders of digital-diva-deluxe.

Together with FINMARIE and we create webinars and events to help women understand their personal path to wealth, financial security and a dream home in Berlin. An innovative Coach Concept. To create a new application, which is geobased and helps you to find your way through any city, is our longterm goal.

However, the funding for the next and most urgent steps are essential to keep our team and the momentum going. We will also tell the story of your local hero: soon in your neighbourhood as well.

findQ UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is part of S.E.N.D.= the network here in Germany for socially relevant entrepeneurs. #socent #gemeinsamwirken #acttogether #findQ #findQuick

Finden statt Suchen. FIND instead of SEARCH.findQuick-Membership - unsere innovative Art der Beratung

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With this funding we secure the series of our next 18 podcasts as well as the funding of our digital path towards our application: findQ THE CITY IN YOUR POCKET.

Help us built the future of a more fundamental and fun way of Marketing

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findQuick UG (haftungsbeschränkt)