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Family Allotment Diary

Organised for: John Docherty

Hello everyone & welcome to the Family Allotment Diary Donation Page !

Weve got a long road ahead of us but ready for the challenge...

We would love any help possible from you to assist us in purchasing resources,equipment and more to get this allotment up and running in a self sufficient programme.

Where we can then share our produce with those in the community passing on our new found skills and hard work.


This is a huge learning curve for us especially as it may be quite a trial and error approach in that we've never had this opportunity or gained any skills previous in this field so its literally a really big deal to give it all we've got and more.


We hope to achieve some homegrown produce which our children can help to grow and care for from scratch in an idyllic environment set in a natural space .

Sharing our plight and progress with you all!


We would love to hear any suggestions,ideas and tips to help us along the way.

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Thank you!

Organised by

John Andrew Docherty