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Faith for Art

Faith for Art

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

We are believers in Christ and our purpose is to spread the teachings of Jesus Christ our Savior in a world in the midst of suffering and disaster.

Our mission is to minister to the local community and to raise awareness about Jesus and the Word of God around us. We run a Christian store and a Christian blog and we have been in business since 2016 doing God's work by creating art in his name. Today we are asking for your help to fund a team of bloggers, writers and designers to promote our Christian blog on the internet to bring awareness about Christianity. We hope that we can do more of God's work and can do so with your support.

The funding will be used:

  • To create more products with God's scripture
  • Hire bloggers and promoters to reach other Christians
  • Work with other Christian Influencers
  • Traffic acquisition

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