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EndeavourOS - Server Infrastructure Costs for launch

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Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!


EndeavourOS will launch on the 15th of July 2019


As we some of the Moderators from Antergos Forum want to continue with the great community established at Antergos, we need to create a space for all of us to have a Forum and Wiki to share help and ideas.


Server and some costs to get software working needs to be paid so we do asking you our community members and everyone willing to contribute to our work and costs to place some donation.


We are setting up a discourse forum and a web-platform based on WordPress for the Webside and WIKI.




Basically, we are going to continue the road Antergos already has been taken to:


  • The K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple Stupid)


  • A graphical online installer with 10 desktop environments to choose from with an uncomplicated repository, making the experience as close to Arch.


  • A friendly community helping on every question (we do not know stupid questions at all)


Thanks a lot


The EndeavourOS development team


Join discussion and get newsupdates at telegram:



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Thank you!


We do plan to add some other donation option as leechi only support cards if you know something, comment here or on our other communication channel at  telegram:





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RafaGCG hat sich beteiligt 10 €

Kevin Morris hat sich beteiligt 8 €

Chun-Sheng Wu hat sich beteiligt

Jean-MIchel Zwygart hat sich beteiligt 20 €

Florian Diepold hat sich beteiligt 18 €

RafaGCG hat sich beteiligt 10 €

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Anonym hat sich beteiligt 10 €

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Am 25 Juli 2019
Jean-MIchel Zwygart
Congratulation to you and the whole Endaevour team for the great job done in a very short time! I just installed on a thinkpad X301 and it works great!
Am 6 Juli 2019
Espero que la triste noticia de Antergos se trasforme en alegria con EndeavourOS
Am 6 Juli 2019
Thanks for your work!
Am 23 Juni 2019
Thanks to the developers for taking on this project, keep up the good work!
Am 21 Juni 2019
Andreas Richter
Thank you all for your contribution and hard work!
Am 20 Juni 2019
Paul Meixner
Danke Joe Kamprad, Antergos jetzt "endeavour" , das beste Linux, muss weiterleben.