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Empowering Women

Organised for: Billiejo Priestley

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!


I am wanting to start my own lingerie business but different, I don't want to bulk make lingerie in the typical sizes, because 9/10 it does not fit perfectly!


I believe that women should feel confident in their skin and as someone who is petite I know just how awful it feels to buy lingerie and it not fit!


Babydolls - I find that the straps are always way too big even after you shorten them! They are made for the average high lady! Not a lady who is short or tall! I feel uncomfortable and less than perfect when it comes to wearing any sort of sexy lingerie because guarantee because I am short it feels off and too big.


Now, this is not just me! But many women experience this issue, or they realise been a bigger bust size means less selection, simple designs. Women who are larger than size 20 find that lingerie is boring, and as one lady said granny underwear!


I want to create my own lingerie brand, where the sizes vary, from petite to tall, to curvy ad a selection that is not simple and boring! I want to be able to offer custom made lingerie, so if a woman loves a style but wants it to fit perfect she can order it with her measurements.


This does not just help the women feel confident and sexy, but it also gives a lot of work to those who are seamstresses and working freelance. This is where the money will go, into materials, seamstresses, and designers!


All profit from sales will then be put back into the business over a course of time to improve sales, find more designers and build the brand.


My aim is to make women feel beautiful inside and out, and standing in front of your partner with a Chemise on that is too long, baggy or short just does not do that.



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