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Save a life, fight leukaemia

Organised for: Ousama Chehadi

To whom it may concern,


Osama Shehadh is 18 year-old. He has leukopenia and anaemia. He was also born with a Cerebral atrophy.

A smear and aspiration showed leukaemic blast.He needs flowcytometry and karyotype.He needs hospital admission for appropriate treatment. This is an emergency and doctors say he needs to

have a surgery within three days.

He needs to stay for 3-6 weeks in hospital and needs chemotherapy.  This cost  between £15k to £20k and his family can not afford this amount . His two elder brothers have been killed during the shelling on civilians in Syria.


We greatly appreciate your support and help. Keep Osama in your prayers!

Organised by

Azhar AlSharbaji