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Elvis Presley Story Museum

Organised for: Maurice Colgan

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An Elvis Presley Story Museum will be a great tourist attraction here in Dublin Ireland. 

I need to finance a space to exhibit my large collection of Elvis memorabilia both old and new. Consisting of letters from Elvis, and his co-stars with photos. Letters from his childhood and teenage friends. Letters and email friom the Mayors of Tupelo. A framed Resolution from that city. A replica of the famous 'Elvis at 13' statue that stands close to his birthplace,.dozens of books and magazines on Elvis. A CD and letter of Ed Leek high school friend of Elvis telling how he encouraged Elvis to make his first record, which sold decades later for 300,000 dollars. I have a replica to display. Plus a lot more items celebrating Elvis'samazing life. 

Organised by

Maurice Peter Colgan