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My life is my message

Organisé pour : Feras Kharata




This flyer briefly summarizes the main issue of my campaign.

However, I invite you to read further on the text below. 


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Latest news: I deeply thank all the people that generosly help me to acheived my dream. I'm proud to tell to all of you, that I'm travelling the 7march!!!



1.     About This Project – The Issue


 Hello everyone! My name is Feras Kharata, I am Syrian and I’m 22 years old. I study Computer Science at the University of Damascus, Syria. As you know, my country is facing one of the worst humanitarian crises in history, resulting not only in the deaths of thousands of people, but also in the fleeing of thousands of people who are forced to leave Syria and flight to other countries to maintain their lives.



Since the war started, I live with a constant fear of not knowing what will happen tomorrow.  As military service is compulsory, I would have to stop my studies this coming March. This is something that make me afraid, afraid of ended my life in a tragic way. However, that does not stop me from dreaming and fighting for what I want. My dream is to support my community in Syria through education and something that I love: science and technology. I want the children in my community to have the education that they deserve.

In my village, I used to give free classes to teenagers 


Recently, I became aware of the possibility of being supported by the organization Al-Anwar to be able to study in Russia, at Kuban State University (Krasnodar). Unfortunately, due to the tragedy that my country faces, I cannot afford the expenses that this entails. That is why I need to raise 4000 USD or 4000 Euro in order to finish my studies and be able to contribute in a meaningful way to my community, and inspire the children to think and dream about their future.

My professional aspirations have been influenced by the challenges I have faced during the Syrian conflict. I have developed a strong interest in education and peace-building linked to new technologies and engineering. I would like the opportunity to advance my knowledge of how digital media can help local peace-builders facilitate progress through platforms such as social media, participatory maps, and citizen journalism. I am passionate about the creation of digital trust networks and how they can be used to offer cross-cultural education abroad, facilitate new discourse and narratives for engagement. In the future, I see myself pursuing a career where new technologies can be used to counter violent action and instead, mobilize the collective expression of positive peace-builders.  Displaced from my native city Qaboun due to the conflict, it has become impossible to continue studying on my degree in Syria. Your help would provide me with access to education and a wide variety of resources to pursue my studies


.2. About My Story, My Fears, My Dreams 


Do you want to know what war is?


It’s mass destruction, loss of hope, broken dreams and broken hearts. I never imagined that all this war and suffering would inflict itself upon my beloved country—Syria. A country I have grown to love and cherish is now a ghost town. The areas I would play in as a child have been replaced by mass graves and body parts. I’ve witnessed horrific sights. I’ve watched as my neighbors, friends, and relatives died.


We Syrians, have so little hope left. We are frustrated. We have no more energy. Me, I still have some hope left and I refind it thourgh my opportunity to study abroad.


This is the reason why I seek for your help and that I would like to briefly share my story.  However, I thank you to respect my privacy and be understanding that it is difficult for me to express my memorises. My intention is indeed not to testify to the war, but to what is close to my heart, my studies:


My name is Feras Kharata. I am a 22-year-old second-year computer engineering student at the University of Damascus. I live in the Rif Damascus region—one of Syria’s conflict regions. War started in my country when I was an 18-year-old high school student and it continues to this day.

When I entered at University, I was this young student, full of happiness to start a new chapter of its life. I rememeber that I was really excited to become a computer engineer. I did never think my youth, will become in fact, a nightmare. My education has suffered as a result of the war. If my country has not gone to war, I’d be in my fourth year of university. Alas, I am in my second year as a result of my family’s difficult financial situation—something commonplace among many my age despite efforts at balancing work and study.  Indeed, I work as a worker and I give private english and math classes, in order to help my family and pay my university fees. Life is a simple routine with one overarching goal. Eat, drink, work, sleep.

We no longer have hobbies or interests. Before, I was someone interested in sport, litterature, theater, meeting new people and going out with my friends... But I do not have anymore time and energy to appreciate this moments. We no longer have time to do what we love. Rather, we are programmed to survive. Sometimes, I feel is the end of a future I have been imagining since I was little. The end of all my hopes and dreams. In the blink of an eye, all that I have worked for will end. This is harder than one could imagine.  It makes you feel like you’re going mad. I had no time to achieve my dreams. I want to build a learning center for all young people, children in particular.  I want to teach others computer programming. I want to teach others English and French. I want to teach to children to build peace among them. I want to educate people and avoid wars and violence. 


A lovely picture of my childhood, when I played a play


I have dreams of creating a well-educated generation.

I have dreams of building my own Software Company. 

I have dreams of becoming someone who makes a difference.


Have you ever feel that life is a succession of opportunities? You can grab it, or just let it go. But in some case, you just need a little encouragement to reach your dream. Feras just obtained a position at the prestigious Kuban State University, Russia. 


Acceptance letter from Kuban University 


About the University


Internationally famous, Kuban State University is one of the largest scientific and educational centers in the South of Russia. The University is developing as a community-oriented organization, creating all necessary conditions for a person’s self-realization in all spheres of activity - science, education, arts, sports, etc.The research carried out by Kuban State University scientists is of great interest both in Russia and abroad, as evidenced by agreements on cooperation in the scientific field with international organizations and institutions and numerous awards given to KubSU for scientific developments. 


Attending KubSU university would allow Feras to achieve two goals:

1)    To finish his Bachelor’s degree and follow with his Master’s degree,

2)    And to develop greater knowledge he will bring home to create a better future.


For more information about the  university:  


3.     How can you help? 


How can you help Feras? 


Two steps.

1.     You can donate to contribute to Feras’s dream, and allow him to follow the path to peace. 

2.     Plus, you can spread the word and share the campaign around you. Because drops create rivers. Make your voice count and change someone’s life.


4.     Al-Anwar Foundation Goals


Al-Anwar Foundation is an educational institution. Al-Anwar aim is to help university students who have been harmed by a war situation to continue study aboard. Obviously, Education is one of the most effective way to build a responsible society.


Through agreements with Universities around the world such as France, Germany, Spain and Russia, Al-Anwar negotiates obtaining a student visa with the respective embassies and promotes the integration of students, by offering them housing and languages classes. 


With Al-Anwar, Feras will be able to continue study Computer engineering at the Kuban State University. This program in Russia offers the 1rst year of Russian classes before starting the Bachelor degree. Additionally, the agreement frees a one-year scholarship from 1,500 to 1,800 USD. 


Testimony of Feras friend, Computer engineering student at Clausthal University (Germany), thanks to Al-Anwar Foundation, Mr. Mohammed Dawod: 


“I was studying information engineering at the University of Damascus when I decided to complete my studies in Germany because of the war situation.  Feras is my friend ans we studied together at University. I beleive he is a kind person and for which education is one of the mos important things. You should see Feras when he gave classes or studies, he is simply great! But the main problem was that my high school diploma, was not recognized in most of German Universities. This is why I went to the Anwar Foundation to ask for help. Indeed, after waiting about three months, I received a university admission from the University of Clausthal, after losing hope from several educational institutions.Currently, I am completing German language studies in Germany with the help of the Educational Al - Anwar Foundation. Next year, I will be able to start my first year of Bachelor degree. There is an advantage for students in Germany that we can work beside university studies to collect money for daily expenses. This is really cool and has help me in many ways to create a stable life.” 


For more information about the Foundation: 

or FB page:   


5.     How I will thank you


All together, we can make a real change. Start today to impulse a better future, for all, where education will fight war, pens will replace guns, and knowledge will be accessible for all. If Feras manage to move to Europe, we will be able to follow him in his new student life.  For that, me (Fears) will personally be delighted to create a video and regularly share with you my new student life though a newsletter. And, I will be more than glad to receive you, and share with you a precious moment as we do in my culture. 


For more information, I invite you to contact me through Leetchi or my personal email: . I will answer you with great pleasure.


6.     Use of funds


Where will the money go?


-       A valid passport and the medical report required by Russian embassy to obtain a student visa +

-       Embassy and University administration for required documents and to pay the Foundation work: 1000 USD  => This amount has BEEN PAID 

-      Housing and language classes: 2 600 USD

-      Daily life spendings to start the first year (extra): 1000 USD


= 3600 USD left or 2900 Euro 


As I will travel to Russia at the end of month, 

 I would like to underline the urgency for me to raise 2600 USD or 2000 Euro and by this, pay to University the housing and the languages classes. 


Since Feras will start studying at University, he will be able to have a working visa and find a job in order to earn its own money for daily life spending. My creativity and commitment for education will certainly help me to give classes or to get involved in an association.  Additionally, I believe I'm someone who adapts easily and I already have different experiences in the professional life: as I mention it,  I regularly work as a private teacher a worker and delivery men. In 2016, I obtain a Certificate in the management of small and medium enterprises inside my University.  With my motivation and my IT and management skills, I except find a student job that will help me to become independent and socially integrate.


I thank you in advance to become part of my life, and make of education a message against violence. As Gandhi say it well, “You may never know what results come of your actions but if you do nothing there will be no results”. And I feel I need act now and give me a chance do my study, do my dreams, spread peace and love around me. 


So, would you help me achieving my dream?




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