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E-Wings: Flying Electric Turbines

E-Wings: Flying Electric Turbines

We can't be thanksful enough for your supprt in this very enthusiaming project !

Last test jumps have been once again successful, flying our electric turbines in a mountain environement.Exiting from a helicopter (low speed start) and using terrain as reference is another step we are proud to have safely achieved !

We are now working on optimizing this prototype, in order to bring it to 100% power during cruising flight (currently 65 to 80% for safety purposes). It should be ready for Spring 2021.In the meantime, we are already developing version 2.0 of E-Wings, re-designing completely Wingsuit and Engine systems for a tremendously enhanced level of performances !!The path is still long before testing this next generation prototype, but walking this path is as fulfilling and rewarding as the goal itself.

The adventure has actually just started, and the future is as promising as exciting !!Thank you for support and sharing the dream !

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