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Dreams Arise Ghana 2022

Dreams Arise Ghana 2022

I am participating in a gruelling challenge! “Serves you right!”, I hear you groan... But wait, you can sponsor me and help a whole community of young people in rural Ghana to learn their way to lives with better opportunities.

Hi there, as some of you may know, I am going to have a bash at an Ironman 70.3 triathlon on June the 19th. As you likely all know, I have never been much of an athlete and it may all end in tears! But enough about me and my foolish, self-absorbed endeavours and more about Dreams Arise Ghana, the amazing grassroots education initiative I’d like to raise lots of money for - hopefully with your generous support!

Dreams Arise Ghana: Making the power of education available to all

Dreams Arise was founded in 2018 by Deborah to provide educational and mentoring opportunities for children and young people in Ada, a rural, coastal region in the east of the country. I got to know Deborah as a fellow participant in a program sponsored by the German Development Bank (GIZ) last year. With extremely limited funds, Dreams Arise has built a small library in a shipping container and a permanent roofed structure out of the sun under which to provide basic literacy training to more than 100 local children.

The initiative has had tremendous results and the demand for more is overwhelming! I was really struck by the positive impact one determined woman (and her small team!) is having on her community and saw an opportunity to support this work. Dreams Arise currently run on a voluntary basis and has no material sources of finance, so anything I can raise will be incredibly helpful and go directly into supporting this simple but powerful project.

The needs and opportunities to help are almost endless!

There are barely enough books to go round, furniture has to be rented for events as they don’t have any chairs... Deborah’s team have all the ideas to do so much more but not the cash!

Small donations will make a big, direct difference, large donations will change lives.

So please donate whatever you can! Thank you!!

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