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Do you want to be our hero?

Organised for: Joy de Jongh

Starting at the beginning



Before I will explain why I started this campaign, thank you so much for reaching out!


It's a pleasure to meet you! I already feel blessed that you are here reading my page. I appreciate the fact that you are taking the time to read what I have written down here more than you know.


I am Joy de Jongh. My family calls me Marjolein. I am alive now for exactly three decades and I have a dream. My goal is to make the world (our little blue planet) just a little bit brighter every day, by giving somebody a loving hug or a cheerful smile, or just giving someone a sincere compliment also tends to spark the lights in a persons eyes. Maybe you can relate to that, but seeing people smile and knowing they feel loved (at that moment) is just...... a wonderful feeling!


This is my little daily goal. But my dream doesn't stop here. I have developed a bigger dream and presently the journey towards reaching this dream has begun.



My dream, ambition and plans



Ever since my teenage years I had the desire to make a change in peoples lives with the things I do in daily life.From quite a young age I started doing research about the living conditions of different (groups) of people from all over the world. What I found and saw was very sad, heart-breaking, and shocking at times. Every time I took a tiny look into the worlds of these people, the fact that I was just watching without being able to do something about what I saw made me feel so powerless. It hit me. I wished that I could just go to all these places, to all these broken spirits, to the people who have seem to have lost hope to a better future. That was not really a possibility. "But there must be a way I could at least do something?", I kept repeating this sentence in my head. There must be a way I could at least do something for some people who would otherwise not be seen?

With this thought on my mind I started thinking, and a clear vision arose.


Now, years forward I created plans that turned this dream and ambition into a concrete plan. My ultimate goal is to build a few companies which, on their turn, will generate money to be able to help as many people as possible. The idea is to have funds available to, for example, be able to pay for an education, to get someone certified in a skill or to help people to start a small business so they can create their own cash flow. This will save families from staying in the same circle of the struggle to survive. It will save teenagers from a very violent and dangerous existence in a drug cartel. And other people who suffer in their specific situation. It will give people a chance!


All over the world there are teenagers and even younger children (and also adults) who feel to have no choice but to give their lives into the hands of dangerous and violent drug cartels. Because sometimes there seems to be no other way to make money for them and there families. Mostly the living conditions for these boys and girls are horrific and seem hopeless. Too many times children and teenagers, who should be playing and learning, get addicted to drugs, find themselves in a life of drug use, violence, murder and at times even get murdered themselves. It seems like they often have nobody around who really sees them, who cares, or if they do, who has the ability to help.


We will set up teams to listen and take time for every individual and to stimulate the boys and girls to create new dreams. After determinig unique plans together we will individually help to make a step into reaching this new dream. We will provide the possibility to get a certificate, diploma or something else to let them have a choice in life to step away from this dangerous life before it is too late. They are so worth it.


My plan is to build a micro credit organisation which has money available for courses, certificates or a certain amount to help someone to start a small business to keep the money flow coming in. The big goal is to create a safe or safer and hopefully more pleasant and happy environment for teenagers, children and adults who would have had a very harsh and dangerous existence otherwise. I want this help to be given to them as a gift for the biggest part. We will keep looking at situations individually and decide together what would be the best way to provide what somebody needs. Sometimes our help will be given as a gift completely. In other cases, for example when we will help somebody to build a small business we might ask a very small symbolic amount back every month. This will result in less of a change that people will give up, it will make it easier for us to keep helping them and to keep in contact to advice and to be there for them. Every person we will help will always be able to contact us for support, advice or a conversation.


My goal is to help as much people as possible without giving in upon the quality of our care. Every life is worth it.


Because a lot of what we will do as an organisation will contain gifts, we need to have a cash flow to be able to pay for the costs of the care we will provide.


One and a half year ago I quit my job to fully dedicated my time to build, think out and create my plans and two companies. It was time to take action. The one I am going to start with is a company that will build, maintain and sell tickets for specific tourist attractions internationally. The profit will be used to build the organisation. I can't wait!



Your help means the world




I can’t wait to start with the first company and by that, to get a lot closer to the start of the organisation. There is one last challenge at the moment -The start up money. Everything is ready to go except for this part. That will be the last phase before we can really start.


Will you help me with the real start of this important project to help so many people who are in need of someone who sees them and to hopefully turn their lives around to a sunny and hopeful sight?


I (we) would be thankful beyond words.


Any amount will be welcomed full of gratefulness.


The total amount I will need to start with the first phase of the company will be 40.000 pounds.


If you could help me, you would help so many other lives at the same time and I will be for ever grateful.Do you want to be their hero?



Thank you. Thank you so much.


Warmest regards,



Joy de Jongh



P.S. If you are interested in keeping updated with our progress, please feel free to contact me at: joydejongh.89 @ g mail .com or info @ skylinesinternational .com


I will always be sure to get in touch.



Quotes for you, us and them:


Don't give up. The beginning is always the hardest


Great things usually don't come out of comfort zones.


About challenges: They birth new possibilities and breed new perspectives. We just need to reframe them as opportunities for growth instead of roadblocks to progress.


About making progress: There is always room to learn, room to grow, room to improve and be better. The beauty about being better and making progress is that the journey never ends. The difference with the very idea of perfection is that it does. Embrace the process.






Organised by

Marjolein de Jongh