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Digital learning for youth scholars at Bidi Bidi refugee settlement

Digital learning for youth scholars at Bidi Bidi refugee settlement

Sina Loketa is looking for €8500 to equip 150 local youth scholars and 10 teachers within the Bidi Bidi refugee settlement with mobile phones and internet access so they can benefit from distance learning resources through the online platform Coursera for Refugees. This learning platform is free of charge and offers a wide range of certified online courses that our students and teachers can access to continue their educations through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

As the impact of COVID-19 has already surpassed what many though possible, there has been an outsized effect on education, with refugee populations disproportionately affected as access to resources is extremely limited. The situation at the Bidi Bidi refugee settlement is no different. As education activities around the world turn towards 21st century tools, refugees and marginalized communities are being left behind.

COVID-19 has reminded us just how deep we are all connected as human beings and how much we depend on one another. Your generosity will help support refugees in Bidibidi Settlement during these difficult times, including students, entrepreneurs, and scholars who have no access to e-learning materials.

SINA LOKETA is a refugee youth-led nonprofit organization in Bidibidi refugee settlement in Uganda that works to strengthen creative capacities of young people to become self-actualized and develop social capital in refugee and host communities through social entrepreneurship and connectivity.

Through the UNHCR Connectivity fund, SINA LOKETA was funded in June 2019 to experiment with computing technology to create community networks in Bidibidi settlement upon winning the 2018 UNHCR Innovation award. SINA LOKETA was targeting constructing a Community network Innovation center to create access to communications technology and e-learning/education/skills development trainings for a self-reliant and improved livelihood in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement Camp.

Total crowdfund request:

  • Smartphone for 150 refugee students and 10 teachers at the Bidi Bidi refugee settlement
  • Internet data to access online learning platforms
  • Hand sanitizer to distribute throughout Bidi Bidi and promote handwashing and healthy behaviors
  • Transportation costs for SINA LOKETA leaders to purchase smartphones from Kampala, Uganda


We are Alumnus scholars from the Social Innovation Academy in Uganda. Here we have gotten enough training on mentorship, life coaching, social entrepreneurship, and project management which have shaped us to become successful social entrepreneurs. Our team is composed by Congolese, South Sudanese and Ugandans. We all have different backgrounds, cultures and life stories and experiences but we all believe in the same values of solidarity, sustainability, transparency and equality. We have realized that young refugees and marginalized youths have unique gifts, talents and skills which are often hidden by the lack of opportunities, by being traumatized or socially excluded.

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