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Denmark scholarship - Make the dream come true

Denmark scholarship - Make the dream come true

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

My name is Thao and I'm 21 year olds, a last year student in Communication at Paris 13 University.


With some luck, I was selected to be an exchange student in Denmark for the next semester (February - June 2020)

This is such an honor for me to have a chance like this, but the problem is I will lose all my jobs here and it's not easy to find a jobs in Denmark when I can't speak their language.


I can live independently in France because I started working since I was 18 and I always have 2-3 little jobs at the same time to cover school fees and expenses.


This time, I actually have a scholarship with 300 euros a month but I'll have it only after finishing the exchange program (?!) So it's not really convenient for students like us.


As I know from other previous exchange students, Denmark is an expensive country, even more expensive than Paris. Each student needs at least 800 euros/ month :

- 500 euros for the rent

- 200 euros for (home cooking) food

- 100 euros for transport fees, phone, other bills


In total, I need 500 euros more each month to survive


In this hard situation, I don't really want to throw such an opportunity just because I don't have enough money. I believe there will be a way, maybe I will finally find a little job but for now, I think hope is my bestfriend.


One of my friend tell me about this platform and who knows, maybe it's you who will make my dream come true!


With just 1-click you can help me cover school fees and expenses

  • Give however much you want, ANY CENT COUNTS!
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Thank you so much for reading this and have a nice day!

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NGUYEN Thi Phuong Thao