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Dance For Peace Sound System Fundraiser

Organised for: Dance For Peace


Dance For Peace is a 100% non-profit community since its inception. We are a growing family of dancers and peace activists that was created in 2002 to help expiate the bad energies from the terrible Bali bombing. We organize regular aware parties and festivals to rise consciousness while dancing for peace.



At each event, we love to offer at minimum a main stage, a chillout, a healing zone or mindful workshops, flea market, magical decorations, performances...



Our biggest challenge has been to cover our organizational costs. The average size of our gathering sees between 200 and 300 happy people. If we get in the red, it is out of our pockets to cover for the cost. If we do turn a profit it is shared between a local social project and some material for the next event.



Approximately 30% of our operational costs stem from the rental of the sound system. The idea of fundraising came about a few months ago and would allow us to focus on improving the build-up for more magical parties and festivals.



Therefore if you love dancing and sharing with us or if you are touched by the spirit we try to spread please help Dance For Peace take the next step forward to acquire a proper sound system. Peace out!


~ Gerry Ong ~ 





  •  Donate USD 50.00 now and get free entry at your next DFP party or festival.
  •  Donate USD 100.00 USD now and get 3 free entries at your next DFP parties or festival.


And some other pictures of ours celebrations: 












Organised by

bastien billey